I believe in

"Supporting people to self empowerment and change that matters to them"



BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Theatre

CPC, Certified Professional Coach

Licensed SoulCollage® Facilatator

SAG-AFTRA, Screen and Television Actors Union

CASAC-T, Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor

I offer you over a half of century of life experience.  


I have had a plethora of challenges in my life in which I developed a talent for being a "Phoenix that rises from the ashes,"  with the ability to see the silver lining.  I have a love of life and people, a thirst for knowledge, and a quest for those things that help us feel better.   I believe that if I drag the secret and unknown out of the dark and into the light of the truth it points to the path of resolution and healing.   I also try to generate as much humor as possible in a world badly in need of laughter.  I embrace compassion, openness, willingness,resilience and humor as some of the strongest attributes that I bring to my life and work.


I have covered a large part of the country.  I grew up in the Midwest/South (Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas).  I have lived 17 years in Los Angeles and 16 years in New York City.  Currently I reside in Harlem, NYC and have had the privilege to travel and work abroad. 


I can offer you the experience of a unique career path.  From the Entertainment Industry as a professional Actor, Director, Writer and Stand-Up Comedian; to the Corporate World in management positions for various Fortune 500 companies.  Most recently I worked in the Health Care Industry at a major NYC Hospital, and I can not forget my blue-collar roots in Chemical Plants.  I have worked in the Substance Abuse field and I am well versed in the 12-step programs.  I have been an active member of the LGBT community since my first march against hatefullness and Anita Bryant in the 70's.  


When we are working together--YOU WILL BE HEARD in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment with, humor, empathy, and curiosity.

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